Magnolfo of Sardinia


Magnolfo is a tutor of horsemanship, swordsmanship, and lance to the family of Newton.


Magnolfo was born in Sardinia, but immigrated to Lombardy as a youth. His family were close friends of Fortunatus, the Vandal ruler of Sardinia and often Magnolfo visited there as a youth.

When the dispute over Pope Symmachus rose into rebellion in Rome, Magnolfo chose to honor his family’s loyalty to Fortunatus (Symmachus being his son) and raised his flags in Lombardy to serve the Pope’s cause. During this time he led a famed cavalry, known as the Caviallari Coraggio (Knights of Bravery).

He was ousted from his position in Lombardy and, fleeing for his life, has come to Britain.

He was born in 464 A.D.

Magnolfo of Sardinia

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