Lug, Knight of Newton


Sir Lug is a Cymric man, of Salisbury origin and a former drunkard. Born in 479, he wasted most of his youth in inebriation. He was cured of this sickness, and began to serve loyally as a soldier under Marshal Baelorn. Years later, when his name was mentioned before Arthur, Lug was selected to receive the honor of knighthood by the young king. At Arthur’s command, Lug became Sir Lug, and was adopted into the house of Newton. He has since shown a great aptitude for the sword, and stands as a close confidant of Sir Pebwyn, his nephew.

Famous traits: Just, Valorous, Temperate
Famous passions: Loyalty (House Newton)

Birth Year: 470


In 518, during a raid on Sherrington by mounted saxons from Wessex, Lug was severely injured and lost most of his sword hand. This injury may very well keep him from ever serving as a proper knight again.

Lug, Knight of Newton

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