Leofric, Sergeant of the levy of Cholderton

Sergeant at arms in Cholderton


Leofric operates on the border of legal and outlaw in the lands of Kimpton, north of Cholderton. As a freeman, he comes and goes as he pleases within Kimpton and other realms. He is a poor man and known to do odd jobs around the village.

He is Cymri by birth but it is said his mother was a Saxon, and he is known to speak the Saxon tongue fluently. He is a Christian, and has been baptised, but he carries many pagan trinkets. He is the son of Leofran.

He was born in 495 AD.

Famous Trait: Honest

In 516 AD

Leofric becomes a sergeant in service to lord cholderton, leading the levy of Kimpton.

At the end of 516, Leofric returns with Cynwal to Cholderton after the Earl strips the regency of Kimpton away from Lord Cholderton.


Leofric, Sergeant of the levy of Cholderton

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