Leofran, Outlaw of Kimpton


Leofran was a proud man, and while he had some skill in swinging a blade he was beloved for his craftsmanship of them. His father, Leofric, had been a third cousin to Elad of Salisbury and had once owned much of the lands surrounding Kimpton and been given the title of Lord of Kimpton, with ceremonies to be had upon return from battle. Leofran’s father held that title for less than a year as he died, acting as a personal guard to his cousin the marshall in St. Albans. Leofran was twenty at the time, having been born in 475 AD.

Leofran took up his father’s cause and supported Countess Ellen and her young son Robert the heir when he learned of his father’s death however, Elad had made enemies and they abused the opportunity to come to Kimpton and demand the land from Leofran. Chief among these riders and brigand knights was young Brenith. Leofran refused, and a fight ensued. Those few household guards and relatives he had were massacred in the ensuing battle. He was named an outlaw.

In the end, Leofran and his family were forced to flee Kimpton. The travel was not good for Leofran’s beloved, and she died after giving birth to her son a year later. Leofran is said to have partned with Svetti during this time, hoping for revenge on those who had taken his lands.

He died in Svetti’s service in 512 A.D.


Leofran, Outlaw of Kimpton

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