Leget, Bastard of Berwick St. James

First son of Tybalt the Younger


Born 511

Father- Tybalt “the Younger”, Lord of Berwick St. James
Mother- Bethany, Lady of Stappleford

First child of Tybalt the Younger, Leget was born out of wedlock to a lady in waiting in service to Bethany, Lady of Salisbury. Although a bastard and only 7 years old, Leget’s pride of being the son of a knight and his desire to take the seat of Berwick are strong. The desire to take the seat has been stoked by the noble treatment he has received while at Berwick and his warped since of ideals he has obtained from watching his father Tybalt and regent Sir Miles.


In 516, a family dispute between Sir Miles and Tyson, resulting in the kidnapping of Leget. It wasn’t until the next year that Leget was recovered by Salisbury at the court of Silchester where Tyson had been hiding.

Leget, Bastard of Berwick St. James

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