Josue, Knight of Cholderton

Knight of the woods, son of Sir Caradoc of Cholderton


Birth date: 13 Feb 492

Josue is a knight of Cholderton. He acts as the family guide for the area in and around the Chute forest, and has had many dealings with the people of Kimpton. Some question the nature of these dealings, but Josue is known to be a good man, and loyal to his family.

In 516 AD
Rode with Lord Eynon to Kimpton in search of his mother, Lady Tagan.
Rode North with Eynon to war against the Saxon threat forming in Malahut.

Rode with Eynon against the Saxon threat at Corgas.

In 517 AD
Rode with Eynon north against the Saxons again
(Fought in the battle of Lincoln)

In 518 AD

Moved to Sherrington to help Lady Eirian protect the land while she recuperated from the devastation of so much loss. This comes after a marriage to Lady Eirian’s cousin.


Josue, Knight of Cholderton

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