Indeg, Lady of Laverstock

The mother of Sir Herlews, and one of the longest lived women in recent memory.


Indeg was the last daughter of the previous house of Laverstock, and married her husband Adtherp, who became its patriarch, to preserve her line. She was so struck by her husband and his approaches, that she allowed them to be together before their wedding, and she became pregnant with Gwallter as a result. Afraid for the future of the house if the secret was discovered, they decided to keep his existence a secret, until many years later when it was out of their hands. A handsome and matter of fact woman, she was a wonderful, if strict mother who cared deeply for her children and her husband. She lived to the incredible age of 74, and had many visitors from all over the county after her 70’th, wanting to see the “Oldest Noblewoman in Salisbury”. She died peacefully in 514, finally succumbing to her incredible age.


Indeg, Lady of Laverstock

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