Heath of Salisbury


Birth Date: 489
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 165 lbs


Heath was a young man of no note from a family with very little prospect, he grew up as the son of a freeman tenant in the lands of Bodenham, his father died while he was rather young, his father had been a former man at arms. One of the soldiers in service to the Lord Bodenham and his Mother had passed from illness when he was very young. The Lord Blair the Older of Bodenham awarded him the grace of being made the Page and later on Squire to Sir Daryn of Bodenham. He grew up with Darny like a father always welcome among Daryns family immediate and distant, he trained with Seimon and Blair the Younger in hopes of being a Knight of Salisbury who would help fend off the Saxon swine who took his father’s life, he has spent his whole live in service to Daryn and that is all he knows.

In that time Daryn’s heart was won by the lady Glaw of Bodenham, a woman he held in the highest regards, but his timid nature cost him his chance as Glaw was too great for such a lowly man as him and she was swept off her feet by some dashing rogue bastard, another squire at that. He laments his timid mistake and hopes that he one day may serve Salisbury and perhaps win a second chance at the Lady Glaw

Heath of Salisbury

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