Griffrey, Knight of Cholderton

Knight of Cholderton. Uncle to Sir Eynon.


Birth date: 17 Aug 472

Griffrey is a proud man. Proud of his family, Proud of his Earl. He loves his wife and daughter fiercely. Some say he is over zealous in his passions, but he remains level-headed in most circumstances.


516 AD

Rode with Lord Eynon to Kimpton in search of his mother, Lady Tagan. During a clandestine attempt to secure proof of a saxon invasion force Sir Griffrey was wounded by Aelfgar, but managed to escape into the woods with his nephew, Sir Nye.

In 517 AD
Rode with Eynon north against the Saxons again
(Fought in the battle of Lincoln)

In 518 AD

Rode after Brigand Svetti with Eynon towards Malborough. Took a wicked leg injury from Svetti’s franchesca, but managed to drag both his nephew and Svetti out of the woods to the rest of the group with the help of the squires.

Griffrey, Knight of Cholderton

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