Godric, Page of Sherrington

Bastard son of Alaric, Knight of Sherrington


Birthdate: May 11, 506

Famous Traits: Just

Glory: 174

Equally at home in the mud and attending court, the young Godric of Sherrington maneuvers through his two worlds with certainty. His cheery disposition, wavy dirty blonde hair, and his brown eyes are well-known throughout the holds near Vagon. Armed with his looks and charming voice, he is said to command the attention of many young ladies both younger and older. Godric was lucky enough to be born of very healthy stock, and he uses this to keep the peace among other youth by dispensing justice in Sherrington to those who would bully others. He is seen walking through the hovels of Sherrington often consorting with the local Pagan population to the Chagrin of many. Worse still, is he wears a symbol around his neck that many warriors have seen before on the dead in battle; the symbol of Wotanic Paganism. Due to his noble position in society, however, and being a man of the people, few speak about the issue, attributing the odd faith to youthful ignorance. Some question how his mother has failed to raise him with the one true God, and believe that perhaps she may be a Pagan sympathizer; a Saxon sympathizer.


517 AD:

Our Lady returns

“As I gaze out across the creek, many different thoughts in my mind, three thoughts becomes most prevalent…
The first: Those who wrongfully imprisoned my cousin shall find that I am a very unpleasant enemy to have. Those who would wrong the noble House of Sherrington shall come to fear the name of Godric, for I shall bring with me the hammer and justice of Thor upon their heads.
Second: In order to accomplish these goals, I must become a worthy knight. I must find a way to support and uphold not only my house but the noble goals of King Arthur. In doing this, I can ensure that there is true justice for all.
The third: It is my sincerest hope and prayer that the Goddess, Freya, will look upon my endeavors with favor, for in completing the goals I set forth, I intend to educate the Saxons. Their perversion of our gods will not be tolerated.

This pledge I make as Godric of the House of Sherrington."

Godric slices his hand with his dagger and thrusts the heel of his hand in the mud, after which he cleans it and returns home.

Late Winter, 518 in the town of Sherington


Godric, Page of Sherrington

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