Florence "the Exile", Outlaw of Salisbury


Born 494 AD
Father- Tybalt “the Elder”, Lord of Berwick St. James
Mother- Arla “of the Giant’s Blood”, Lady of Berwick
Wife- Calire (512-Present)

Famous Traits- Reckless
Famous Passion- Hate (Saxon)


Sir Florence is the second and last son of Tybalt and Arla as shortly after the birth of Florence Arla died due to complications from the birthing. Florence shares the same bright brown eyes as Tybalt, which they inherited from their father, however Florence is quite taller than his elder brother.

In 516 after learning of his brother’s death, Florence took to the streets of Berwick St. James. Calling on the peasants hatred of Saxons and the fear of the pagan witch Osneg, Florence was able to rally a mob together and proceeded to kill every pagan in Berwick save for the ones who were able to escape with their lives. For this act Florence was found guilty of murder and treason by Earl Robert, and stripped of his knighthood and banished from Salisbury permanently.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Florence "the Exile", Outlaw of Salisbury

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