Edyin the Weapon Smith of Bodenham


Birth Date: 468
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 200 lbs


Edyin was a man of an older generation married to his homely wife Myf. He had been trained in the ways of the Weapon Smith by the age of 28 and by then he was a master of his own craft with a shop set up in his own village but when his firstborn son came of age to become an apprentice he was met with nothing but arguments his very own son had no interest in the trade that Edyin practiced and this lead to argument after argument which eventually left Edyin one day realizing that his Firstborn son Artor had fled he had left for some god unknown place to do god know’s what in place of Weapon Smithing. Edyin had other children but the pain of his first born’s rejcetion never left him and he worked hard to raise the rest of his children right and to give them more freedom which lead to them coming back and being more willing to learn then Artor had. For many years he thought his son was dead or lost until one day he received word back from Sarum that Artor had become a Journeymen at Berik’s Armor smith shop. Edyin was proud to know his son was alive and working a forge but equally outraged that he had forsaken the family business to forge petty armor.

Edyin had many other children he sought good education’s for and to ensure at least one of them took up the family trade, luckily enough his youngest son would live to see him proud and honor Edyin’s love for Weapons and take up his trade. But on the hard part for Edyin he saw his firstborn go on to be a weapon Smith, his second born son Maldwyn went on to be a local Hunter, His third born son Gwilim went on to be a fisherman, His fourth born son Heulog went on to be a Fletcher, and then he was cursed with two Girls to find Husband’s for so there natural education’s could be put to use and lastly he was given his favorite child and blessing of Ithel who would carry on his trade.

Edyin the Weapon Smith of Bodenham

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