Danemund, Squire of Berwick

Squire to Sir Miles


Born: April 23, 502.
Famous Traits: Spiritual

Danemond, eldest son of Danemund, Lord of Orcheston and Lady Philice , is a squire to Sir Miles.


Early Life

Danemund was born in Orcheston, his father’s fief outside of Stapleford. When of age, Danemond served as Page to Cerwyn, Lord of Ebbesborn Wake.

517 AD

Danemund’s uncle, Lord Alon of Stapleford, arranged for him to become Squire within neighboring Berwick. This appointment began at Castle Duplain where Danemund joined Sir Miles who was among the host besieging the castle from the Saxons. However, his first battle as Squire ended before it ever began as the invading Saxons had stealthily moved their army and abandoned the field over night.

Danemund, Squire of Berwick

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