Cynric, Aetheling of Wessex

Cynric "the younger" took his brother's name upon learning of his death.


Cynric is a warrior-prince or Aetheling, who was raised at his father’s heel to learn command in war but with his ambitions kept at bay by the life of his elder brother. His original name was Ceawlin, but upon learning of the death of his brother at the hands of Baelorn he was christened “Cynric” by the christian priests.

Unlike his brother, Cynric has made no attempt to assimilate into the Cymri life. He leads a host of his father’s men, and rides his soldiers from the fortress of Camelcor in the north west. Since the death of his brother he has become a loud proponent of raids, but until recently ( 516 AD) has been missing from court.

He once wounded Tyson of Berwick when the man made an attempt on his father’s life in court. It is spoken in the court that after defending his father, Cynric insisted that none help him fight his opponent. Both were skilled warriors and their battle took them to the streets where Tyson eventually fled.

He is said to live by a strict code, and none question his honor or skill. He is known to be very forgiving and is said to rarely hold a grudge. He is a renowned tournament warrior among the Saxons of the continent and in Britain he has been said to fight in the slave pits himself for sport and practice.

He wields an ornate pattern welded long sword made in the style of the Roman spatha as his primary weapon, but keeps several knives and a Saex on his person. Unless riding, he rarely uses a shield and instead relies on his startling quick reflexes and skill in battle. Many view this as reckless behavior, but it isn’t Cynric’s only claim.

In the battle to take Levcomagus at the beginning of 517 AD the men of Wessex say the prince entered the city himself with only a handful of men and engaged in great slaughter of the defensive forces there. The remainder of his forces encircled the city to prevent any from leaving. Eventually his reinforcements entered the city.

He was born in 480 AD.

Famous Trait: Valorous, Suspicious, Reckless.
Famous Passion: Love (Family), Hate (Salisbury), Honor
Glory: 7,400


Cynric, Aetheling of Wessex

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