Cerdic, King of Wessex

King of Wessex


King Cerdic rules from the, now saxon controlled, city of Hantonne. He is the son of King Vortigern of the Gewessi, but was spirited away when his father was killed by Pendragon Ambrosius. He is British by birth and raising, but his subjects and warband are Saxon. He is a famously Arbitrary man, making his own law and justice. This is only matched by his bravery.

He is an accomplished warrior-king, noted for his ambition and desire to recover what he believes is his rightful kingdom. He is very strong and is dangerous in a fight.

His son Cynric was killed by Baelorn in 510 on the continent during tournament.

He was born in 461 AD.

Glory: 15,663
Famous Trait: Generous, Arbitrary, Valorous.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Lord), Loyalty (Vassals), Love (Family), Honor.


Cerdic, King of Wessex

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