Ceith "The First", Knight of Cholderton

Son of Cradelmass


Birth date: 1 Dec 485

Ceith is a talented rider, and often teaches the other household knights a few tricks once they are knights themselves. It is sort of a family tradition, and one that Sir Eynon took to heart. Ceith was more than glad to help his cousin learn.

In 516 AD
Rode with Lord Eynon to Kimpton in search of his mother, Lady Tagan.
Rode North with Eynon to war against the Saxon threat forming in Malahut.

In 517 AD
Rode with Eynon north against the Saxons again
(Fought in the battle of Lincoln)

In 518 AD

Rode after Brigand Svetti with Eynon towards Malborough


Ceith "The First", Knight of Cholderton

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