Captain Cefin Of Bodenham


Birth Date: 488
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 220 lbs


Captain Cefin Of Bodenham is a strong young man of the lower born line of Bodenham, he was always good with a spear and quick on his feet. His wit was just as quick as his spear tip and he fond himself a good friends of most of his distant cousins who were off to become Knights but Cefin had smaller ambitions then Knighthood he wanted to protect his home and Bodenham so he served as the leader of the local levy guard and leader of the Men at arms in Bodenham, he kept law and order here as a the acting war time muscle. When the Knights take men at arms off to fight, he keeps the law in place and keeps the men of the village on there toes.

Captain Cefin Of Bodenham

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