Cadoc, Knight of Newton

Commoner raised and adopted into House Newton


Cadoc was an old friend of Sir Baelorn’s from his time as a child. Cadoc had a been a falconer for Baelorn’s father, and a sergeant among his levyman. Eventually, before Baelorn’s birth, Cadoc was named a free man. In Baelorn’s youth he used to bring the boy around the county on his horse and watch the boy at his father’s direction. Baelorn learned much about Newton and its lands from Cadoc, though as Baelorn grew the two of them grew apart.

Eventually, they met again, and Baelorn was so impressed with Cadoc’s sense of justice and duty, he mentioned him to King Arthur, who made the man a knight.

Famous Traits: Generous, Just, Valorous


Cadoc, Knight of Newton

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