Cadfael, Steward of Salisbury


Born in 483, Cadfael is the son of Cerfin, Knight of Ebbesborn Wake. At an early age he showed marked signs of intelligence and aptitude, but had little love of violence. Eventually it was arranged that he would study as a page in the court of King Uther. Cadfael learned a great deal during this time, but not three years later the Massacre at St Albans took the life of his lord and his life was sent into disarray.

Unable to return home Cadfael was taken as a ward into the care of Dubricus. Eventually he did regain contact with his family and with their support in 509 AD he returned to Salisbury where he swore and oath of service to Robert, Earl of Salisbury. Since that time he has quickly proved skilled and useful and now acts as Robert’s chief servant.

Famous Trait: Chaste


Cadfael, Steward of Salisbury

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