Cadel, Reagent of Baverstock

Reagent of Baverstock, Knight of Salisbury


The brother of the late Sir Arryn, and son of Sir Urien of Baverstock. He was born in 488 A.D, the second son and identical twin. He was knighted in 510 A.D, and witnessed his brother’s death in 513. His brother had been a strong supporter of Sir Baelorn, unlike his father, and Cadel shared this cynicism.

Known for his Cruelty.

Gave 20 Libra to the Earl when asked for money for a gift for the king. At the King’s gifting he asked for his late brother to be named a Knight of the Round Table, was denied and given two very hefty bags of loot. Crushed the northern rebels withTybalt and Brastias in the north.

In 517 AD he was given permission to raise a small band of men and train them in archery for defense of the county against Saxons. These men, who are a ragtag group and are yet little better than levy in most cases, have become known in Salisbury as the Bartsband.

Famous Trait: Cruel
Famous Passion:
Glory: 1,578


Cadel, Reagent of Baverstock

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