Brenith, Lord of Kimpton

Brenith is the Lord of Kimpton, and a sly man.


Brenith is the lord of Kimpton. He is a poor and unremarkable lord. He and his brothers and cousins took the land of Kimpton by force in 495 AD from Leofran. Though unproven, it was said that Brenith and his men burned the hall with Leofran’s family inside after a small skirmish.

Lord Brenith was killed by forces loyal to Svetti sometime around 513 AD. Brenith’s steward, Idrasil, was spared so that the village could be run and correspondence could be done with Earl Robert. The brigands ruled his village for some time after this, thanks to the assistance of the steward.

Idrasil’s testimony to the Earl revealed that Prospero led these forces that came to kill Brenith’s household and that they did by the command of Svetti. When they descended upon the manor home they were disguised as Brenith and his company in order to gain entrance without fight to the palisade protected manor. They took the remaining family members and servants except for three, and burned them alive in the courtyard.

Brenith and his forces had been ambushed in the woods during a meeting and Brenith was killed in the ensuing fight as well as his brother, and both of his sons. One of his daughter’s had been earlier kidnapped by Svetti’s forces and the meeting had been arranged by Svetti in order to discuss ransom. Brenith had underestimated Svetti and his number, and instead, there was betrayal.

Famous Trait: Pride**
Famous Passion: Love (Family)


Brenith, Lord of Kimpton

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