Bob the Peasant


Birth Date: 498
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 125 lbs


Bob is a complicated young man, he has seen his fair share of war and bloodshed, normally from afar, he makes his way through life as a Serf of the Land as many do in Bodenham, always worried if he will get enough to feed himself through the winter.

Like a many in Salisbury Bob is a Roman Catholic part and part of a Roman Catholic family that is quite large, Bob has seven brothers all dead, and six sisters mostly dead, but one named Ness. Bob is very fond of Ness but unlike the Saxons he does not partake in inbreeding.

Bob is very proud to be able to work the land for his landed superiors and is brought closer to god by this hard work which builds defining character in a young man such as Bob who lost his parents to raiding Saxons only two years ago.

Be like Bob, work hard, don’t inbreed, tragic backstory and you too may one day get a note written about you in the lord’s study.

Bob the Peasant

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