Betsan, Concubine of Wessex

She serves as a concubine to Cynewulf.


Betsan is a beautiful woman of Cymri birth, born in 489 AD. She was once the handmaiden to Rowena of Sherrington until she was captured by Saxon forces in 508 AD at the The Battle of Netley Marsh. Her Lady was killed, and as she mourned over her body she was snatched away by men loyal to Osmund and later taken by him as a prize and concubine.

She was found to be barren and unable to have children, and Osmund gave her little attention. In a gamble in which he lost all of his coin, Osmund placed Betsan up as his part of the pot. He lost the bet, and she was given to Cynewulf.

Betsan is a good woman and thanks to her training under her former Lady for many years she is also a skilled chirugeon.

As a concubine she is now less than a noblewoman or a lady. While she may be treated with respects by the servants, her position is to serve her lord.

Famous Trait: Energetic, Temperate, Cowardly.


Betsan, Concubine of Wessex

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