Bartholomew "The Traitor", Esquire of Wessex

Formerly the Lord of Bodenham, he now serves the King Cerdic.


Famous Traits: Chaste, Modest, Temperate
Famous Passions: Amore Lady Bethany
Glory: 316

Age: 25
Birth date: June, 7th, 491
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 185 lbs

Battle Apparel
Open helm
Chainmail Shirt
Leather Pants
Heater shield
Arming Sword
Two Spears
One charger
Two rouncys
One sumpter

Courtly Apparel




The Lord Bartholomew is a lucky young man who has always seemed to have a sense of good fortunate in his personal fate. He is a happy and modest young man known for his moral fiber for his Chastity, Temperance and Modesty which have made him known as a good Christian man who serves his Earl, God and Arthur and in that order. He was only recently knighted above his station as an Esquire which gives him a good understanding of what it is to be below another man and with his brother’s passing he has sworn to honor his family and uphold the duty of House Bodenham in the defense against the Saxons from the South and to serve the Earl in any campaign against the Saxon dogs. He is a tall man by Cymric standards and some have said that his bloodline was tainted by Saxons but for any who serve the Church and have free access to the chronicles would know his bloodline is still pure and unblemished by foreign blood. He has also fallen in chaste love with the Lady Bethany under the laws of love set by lady Guinevere. He seeks to win her hand and to serve her as the only person who sits in his loyalty and love above his own earl, would be the wife he seeks to gain and the family he hopes to build. For at the end of the day what else is there but family and the pursuit of love.

In his first year his command saw two events, he lead a small raid into a bloodbath against two forces of Berserkers in Malahat and then following the battle of Corgas he lead a force of Knights to Hunt down Saxon Riders with in the land who had fled from the fortress of Corgas. He hunted for several days taking him out of Salisbury and into the neighboring county of Marlborough. Where with the support of local lords he was able to capture and see the Saxon dog’s arrested and placed into the hands of the local lords. Who took them in prisoners of their for the Earl of Marlborough. With two commands now under his belt he road to meet with Lord Marshal Tathel at Sarum to be surprised by his absence and seek out time to meet with the Earl Robert to pursue the hand of Lady Bethany with two victories now under his belt. It was at Sarum he met a man who he quickly befriended in the feasting hall of Sarum the good SirAethel, Knight of DeVizes

In the following days after the feast that took place in Sarum, the Lord Bartholomew requested audience before the Earl, he sought to meet with him and discuss a cunning ruse before the court to try and arrest Svetti the Tax Collector and to feign himself as a bandit in hopes of bringing this foul, rotten man to justice and to save the Lady Eirian from her captivity with the Bandit’s host. This turned into a grand old mess when the Earl ordered Bartholomew out of his court with unclear orders on how to proceed the rash Bartholomew eager to take action rallied a private bandit host and raided the village neighboring his own in Salisbury the poor village of Falt that had been the victim of several Saxon raids and in Bartholomew’s foolish underthought plan he freed many prisoners pronouncing himself with the aid of his new compatriots Rollo the Bandit king of Salisbury.

His reign of terror ended in the great “Siege of Figsbury” which was less than 20 men between both sides that ended in Bartholomew giving up the ruse to surrender his bandit men and distant kin to the care of Salisbury Knights who took them as prisoners to the Earl Robert of Salisbury to face justice for there actions. In this trial the Knight Bartholomew claimed full responsibility for his actions and request Mercy and the lives of his men spared, for most part this was honoured bar for the Saxon Wulfhere who was slain by the Earl by Poison to make an example of the Saxon war dog and with this Sir Bartholomew received a banishment for one year and one day to repent for his crimes which along his path into Banishment, he was attacked by a man whose name he will not share with others, this man was a Knight who took what was his by right and he won’t cause issue by spreading his name around in gossip. If he wants to claim credit for it he will let the man claim it freely. He now makes his way to a boat where he will sail off to find something else to do with his time in banishment.

Bartholomew "The Traitor", Esquire of Wessex

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