Baelorn, Knight of the Round Table

Marshal, Knight of the Round Table, and Lord of Newton


Sir Baelorn is the second son of Sir Rupricht and an inaugural member of the Round Table. He inherited after the death of his brother, Jaern. He is renowned as a just man, his entire life given over to pursuit of fair judgement, and even more known for his intense love of family.

Sir Baelorn was named to the Round Table after being called by the great artifact itself, his name writ upon its surface in gold. Soon thereafter, unfortunately, he was banished by Arthur at the insistence of Queen Morgan, whom Baelorn had accused of involvement in the events leading up to the deaths of many, including Baelorn’s wife, Lady Rowena, at Netley Marsh.


Sir Baelorn was a companion to the famed knight Sir Gwinas and Sir Tybalt. It was with them that he was involved in the matter of the supposed kidnapping of King Uther’s son, and his spiriting away by the wizard Merlin. He was found innocent by the decree of the king, though questions about that night rang in the air all his life.

After the deaths at St. Albans, Baelorn was granted the position of Marshal by the Countess Ellen, regent to her young son, Earl Robert. He served faithfully in that post for many years, eventually becoming one of the most skilled battle commanders in all of Britain.

He was no stranger to the sword, and was a famed fighter, having defeated men in duels many times and slain and captured many men in battle. Among the foes he defeated in single combat was the warlord Saexwulf, servant and lord under King Cerdic.

On the eve of the battle of Netley Marsh, Baelorn was cloistered away with his friend, Sir Barrick, drawing up plans for an assured victory over the Saxons in the south. Unfortunately, treachery struck, and Baelorn was put into a deep sleep by sorcerous means. While he lay in this slumber, Nanteleod and his men were crushed by the Saxons and Cornish, and the Lady Rowena was savagely slain.

In investigating these events, Baelorn found evidence that Queen Morgan was involved, and that she had passed an enchantment onto him through Sir Miles. He spoke openly of this for many years.

Later in life, after the coming of King Arthur, Sir Baelorn assisted in the rise of the new king, advising him and serving as one of his battalion commanders. Lot’s army having become a greater and greater threat, he was sent on a mission to the continent by the king himself. There, he faced and Cynric, prince and son to Cerdic.

It was only a short time later that, having heard his sister’s complaints and grievances over Baelorn’s “slander” of her, the king banished Baelorn for the customary period of a year and a day, a banishment from which he has yet to return.

Baelorn, Knight of the Round Table

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