Avavon, Lord of Berwick St. James

Second son of Tybalt the Younger


Born 513

Father- Tybalt “the Younger”, Lord of Berwick St. James
Mother- Elayne, Lady of Sherrington

The second child of Sir Tybalt the Younger and Sir Elayne of Sherrington Avavon has also inherited his mothers’ blond hair which even at his age is tickling his shoulders, a fact the secretly irritated his father since neither of his children with Elayne take after his image.

Avavon gives the house servants the same stress as that of his sister. He can be found most days keeping pace with his sister as they climb the palisade surrounding the manor or eavesdropping on any and all conversations in the manor or in town. The peasants of Berwick believe that Avavon is incapable of being sad as he always has a smile and positive attitude about him no matter the time of day.


Avavon, Lord of Berwick St. James

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