Aslog, "Maneater" Outlaw of Salisbury

A norse woman feared among many


Born in 491 AD this young female warrior was originally a slave meant to be sacrificed during the Blot. A successful escape attempt meant that her captors sent huntsmen after her to bring her back. When none returned the Thegn himself went in search of his prey. Aslog, who had been kind tempered and gentle since birth, had been changed by the harshness of her situation and the Thegn found his men dismembered and half eaten. Fearful, the Thegn fled and returned to the blot without the woman though it is said that the Thegn declared the woman an outlaw.

Perhaps legend, but many believe on this same day Odin blessed her with immortality.

Her travels eventually led her to a follow Saexwulf, Aetheling of Wessex and his band. Upon his death Aslog is said to have served Cerdic’s court. Rarely is she seen without Magnhild.


Aslog, "Maneater" Outlaw of Salisbury

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