Artor the Armor Smith of Bodenham


Birth Date: 487
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 165 lbs


Artor was the firstborn son of Edyin, and as he grew up his father, and he got into many debates over his future till eventually Artor simply left Bodenham to seek out an apprenticeship all on his own, he went through many months of searching and eventully found a cozy little smith shop in Sarum, it was Berik the Armor Smith’s shoppe a place of little renown and little gain but Artor choose to make this place his home of study. After several years Artor went from his apprenticeship and finished with all the skills needed to be a Journeymen and he would continue to serve under Berik’s shop working towards his Mastery of the Craft so that he would be able to leave Berik and go to found his own shop one day. He is on the verge of finishing his time as a Journeymen and has not fully decided what to do as of yet. He is considering going back to Bodenham and trying to reconcile with his father, but his father was always a firm tenet of his belief that a good sword was better then a good shield it is why his father had wanted him to become a Weapon Smith in his own image, but Artor would have nothing of it. He had had his heart set on being an Armor Smith and on his own he made it happen and his father would simply have to accept that or accept the fact he no longer has a son then otherwise.

Artor the Armor Smith of Bodenham

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