Anwen, Lady of Berwick

Lady of Berwick, from House Stowey in Somerset


Anwen is a Lady of the House of Newton by marriage, originally of the House of Stowey in Somerset. She has two bastard children by Tybalt, Lord of Berwick St. James and this has brought her much dishonor. Most women of the county will not speak to her. Dyfan, Lord of Stowey is her father. She is known throughout Berwick as a kind and caring woman and has been dubbed ‘The Lady of Berwick’.

Born- 494 AD
Famous Trait: Energetic
Glory: 640


In 515 AD, she was married to Leu, Knight of Newton. Leu died in 516 during the war in Malahute leaving Anwen a widow. After the death of Leu she pleaded to Sir Miles for her to return to Berwick and live there. After some bickering between Miles and Sir Pebwyn, Earl Robert allowed this.

In 516 AD after the death of Lady Tryamore, Anwen was given the position of Steward of Berwick St James due to her resourcefulness and her connection with the people of Berwick.

Anwen, Lady of Berwick

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