Alis "Princess", Lady of Sauvage


Birth Date: 500?
Height: 5’ 2"
Weight: 100 lbs

Famous Traits: Chaste, Energetic, Honest, Modest, Prudent, and Temperate
Famous Passions: Love Cadell, Lord of Bodenham Hospitality
Glory: ???


The Lady Alis was born in the land of Sauvage.


She Met the young Sir Cadell when a group of Knights of the King Arthur were brought to her realm with the in the domain of the Fisher King, she met with these knights and while they enjoyed her hospitality her and her people intermingled with these brave knights. It was during this time that the flirtations of a young Knight, Cadell, they spent time together and Cadell found her attempting to enter his bedroom one night, she felt spurred by him trying to question who it was and she ran away dropping the sweet letter that Cadell had written her. He pursued her with restless drive and soon found her again, and after speaking with each other shortly she choose to give herself to him and he accepted. She begged him to stay and defend her and her people, but the Knights of Arthur had a mission that they could not be deterred from to seek out the Fisher King who was under Siege by the traitors. They had to leave after that and she thought that was the last she had seen of Cadell, but her glimpse of the future said otherwise she paid them no heed.

Nearly a year later she and her people had scattered to the wind going in many directions from the forest Sauvage. She made her way to the Kingdom of Cameliard where the mighty and just king Leodegrance reigned and he was generous enough to grant her and her retinue hospitality. She made way to a castle which she was allowed to land her retinue in and from there she spent many days to her own, but then one late evening Cadell returned and he arrived his relentless pursuit never failing to bring him back to her and now only time shall tell what shall happen next.

Alis "Princess", Lady of Sauvage

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