Alec "the liar", Lord of Bodenham

The poor and disgraced lord of Bodenham


Alec is the Lord of Bodenham, and its chief protector. Born in 485 AD, he inherited his titles from his father who died at the Massacre of St. Albans. His uncle Cadell acted as regent during this time until 506 AD when Alec was knighted.

Bodenham has traditionally been a village struck by both war and poverty, and since 506 AD Alec has served loyally to the lord of Ebble in hopes that his favor would serve as additional security for Bodenham’s future.

Alec is not a trustworthy man. Both his first and second wife, noble women, have “gone missing” without explanation. In one instance, Alec accused one of his men-at-arms and the man was killed by Alec’s loyal followers before justice could be served. He was scolded by the Earl for this, but as the man was of peasant birth no charges had been brought to court.

In one instance Alec is known to have lied to the Earl’s court, having no excuse for why he was unable to muster in time. Though this was years ago, many remember the foolish story he told his lord and call him “the liar” in private. He despises this nickname.

He has had several squires and attending servants though none have liked him until his current squire.

Famous Trait: Deceitful
Famous Passion: Love (Family)
Glory: 1,372


Alec "the liar", Lord of Bodenham

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