Alawn, Knight of Cholderton

Son of Cradelmass, brother of Ceith and Lili


Birth date: 9 May 492

Though the same age as his distant cousin, Sir Eynon, he has married and believes that his wife will soon be with child. He is a hunter, but is not as good as Nye at tracking. He has spent time with the bow, however, and is known to be a deadly shot.

In 516 AD
Rode North with Eynon to war against the Saxon threat forming in Malahut

Rode with Eynon against the Saxon threat at Corgas.

In 517 AD

Rode with Eynon north against the Saxons again
(Fought in the battle of Lincoln)

In 518 AD

Rode after Brigand Svetti with Eynon towards Malborough


Alawn, Knight of Cholderton

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