Aethel, Esquire of Salisbury

A servant, relative, and friend to the Earl Robert.


Aethel is a distant cousin to his lord, and this blood relation gives him much favor. He has proven himself useful in matters of court both as a seneschal and steward. At a young age he had been sent to the church by his family and raised there, where he learned his letters. It was not for some time, but before adulthood, that he left that holy life and was chosen by the Countess to serve her house as a scribe.

Later in his life he has become an attendant to Robert, and perhaps even a personal friend. He has trained some with the sword, and is recognized as a warrior, though perhaps not one of any notable skill.

In his matters as a steward he keeps a household servant, Annest, with him.

Famous Trait: Honest, Suspicious.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Earl Robert)


Aethel, Esquire of Salisbury

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