Aelfwynn, Lady of Sherrington

Newest Handmaiden to the Lady of Sherrington


Vital Statistics:
Date of Birth: February 14th, 491
Sex: Female
Height: 5’1
Weight: 105 lbs

Gameplay Statistics:
Glory: 176
Famous Traits: Prudent

Description: Brunette hair tied in two buns at the side of this woman’s head would be one of the first noticeable features about Aelfwynn. The hair is clearly rather long, likely falling to just above her bust line. A piercing, white smile frames a delicate, feminine, and graceful face enhanced only by the piercing, sea-green eyes that seem as if to look into the hearts of even the most hardened knights. Her accent is reminiscent of one from King Arthur’s court, with clearly practiced mannerisms making her voice a rather pleasant melody to behold. Despite her position as a handmaiden, Aelfwynn wears rather fine clothes tailored with the use of generous donations from potential suitors in years past. She is rather average for a Cymrie woman, standing at her full stance of five feet and one inch. Overall, she could quite easily be described as a rather beautiful woman, likely even surprising some when they learn she is not truly a lady in her own right.

517 AD
I had feared the worst, but with great fortitude and the grace of the Almighty himself it has been founded upon this year of our Lord that our most gracious Lady Sherrington has been returned unmutilated in body, but scarred in spirit. The whispers within the halls have disappeared and we know not of the particulars of Our Lady’s disappearance, but with refrain we must fear through her state of spirit the worst transpired. If the favor of the Lord is upon us then she shall return to full countenance and hospitality at first reprise, although she must be given a relief prior to the consumption of excess duty. God grant us strength.

Aelfwynn, Lady of Sherrington

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