Aelfnod, Thegn of sussex

Lord of Wessex, Executed for crimes against Salisbury


Thegn Aelfnod is a servant to Cynric and a chief among his supporters. While their men occupy Sarum he is the chief among those responsible for prisoners including Sir Beric and Sir Miles.

In 515, Aelfnod was captured by Eynon, Lord of Cholderton during a Salisbury raid on the saxon kingdom of Wessex.

In 516, Aelfnod was executed by Tybalt “the Younger”, Lord of Berwick St. James for his crimes against Salisbury.

Famous Trait: Lustful, Cruel, Valorous.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (lord).
Glory: 5,620


Aelfnod, Thegn of sussex

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