Aegelswith, Lord of Wessex

A lord of Wessex and servant of the King Cerdic


Aegelswith is a thegn of Wessex, a powerful warlord and raider. He has influence in Cerdic’s court, and is counted among his most loyal subjects. The lands he owns on the coast are good for grazing, and he owns many horses.

He was born in 474 AD, and led a band of 25 or more Saxons in Kimpton village, Salisbury. A year later, he encountered Jaernin and fought him, believing to have killed him. In the skirmish that followed he was was killed by Tybalt and Nye. He was beheaded while alive, and proof of his slaying was presented to the Earl Robert in court by Tybalt.

Famous Trait: Modest, Valorous.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Lord), Hate (Cymri).
: 4200


Aegelswith, Lord of Wessex

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