Aed, Freeman of Sherrington


Aed is a freeman of the village of Sherrington and lives well outside of the village proper, only coming into the village as needed.

518 AD:
A few village children, unnerved by his antisocial behavior, took it upon themselves to torment the man. In defending himself, he killed one of the childrens’ dogs. Aed brought this to Lady Eirian for judgment. After hearing the facts, Lady Eirian decided that the children should help Aed repair the damage they had done to his property, hoping that the constant interaction between the kids and Aed would not only demystify him to the rest of the village and help him to become more social.

He has been instructed to find a blood trail and follow it for the possibility of some clues leading to finding Godric’s missing mother.


Aed, Freeman of Sherrington

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