Hail the King

We Three Kings : The Session of 11-03-2018
End of the Hiatus, Beginning of a new era

The campaign returned with a triumphant first session that featured William Saxon, Frank Mc Cullough, and Tobias Robinson in attendance. The events of 518 continued.

Session 1

Characters: Sir Herlews, Sir Miles, Sir Eynon, Sir Brastias, Iudhael

Somewhere in Clarence…

It was now the third week of laying siege to the keep in Clarence where Eynon’s cousin Ceith was thought to be held. Lord Herlews sat with his friends drinking, and found a moment to himself when the ale ran dry and he went to fetch another cask himself. On his return, he looked in on some silchester knights accompanied by a hun, dressing in colors of the night and preparing for something. Concerned, Herlews informed his friends and proceeded toward the tent of Sir Brastias as he was the marshal of this war band. Brastias was more annoyed than anything, knowing that the knights were probably going to attempt to get into the keep against his orders and asked Herlews to stop them.
Sir Herlews, Sir Miles, and Sir Eynon all went to stop the group, but they had already made for the horses, and ignored a plea from Iudhael (Herlews’ squire) to desist from their plan.

The three made their way to the keep’s wall under the shadow of the evening, clearly seeing the horsemen ahead. They reached the fort in time to see most of the party had climbed up and over the wall. They debated for a bit their next moves. Suddenly a body falls near the group with the head exploding like a melon on impact. Concerned, Sir Eynon asked if he could ride the perimeter of the wall. Herlews gave him leave to do so. Half way around the wall, Eynon heard an echo from an awning above, and learned the Silchester knights were holed up in the main hall, and were in a stand off with the keep’s guard force. Eynon moved quickly fearing for his cousin’s safety.

Eynon reported what he learned to Herlews, and Miles decided now was the time to alert Brastias about the situation and rouse the forces as Eynon and Herlews decided to attempt to take the gate from the inside. As the company part ways, Herlews ran along the wall disguised as a guard. It worked most of the way until he got to the far tower, when a guard recognized him and attempted to engage before he was hurled from the wall. As the other guards turned now prepared to engage Herlews, Eynon ran up to each, giving room for the hun (who had been waiting at the tower as a guard) to loose arrows into the few on the wall. Herlews quickly ducked inside the tower door and barred it, proceeding to turn the crank for the gate. He was soon under fire from an archer who had been on top of the tower. Luckily, Herlews turned a chair into a makeshift shield. Back outside, Eynon and the Hun had silenced two of the three guards when his luck ran out. As he attempted to stab the third in the back after a missed shot by the Hun, he fell off balance and as if some divine providence smiled on the guard teetered over the crenellation. A light push sent Sir Eynon swiftly to the ground below.
Sir Miles arrived just as Herlews had gotten the gate wide enough to slip under. He slid under the gate on his back and avoided a blow that would have surely killed him. He then slew the man who attempted to strike him in such a way as others began to fear for their lives. Sir Miles advised them to lay down their arms or be branded traitors, and this was echoed and reinforced by a strange lady from a walkway on the keeps inner walls. The hesitated, but listened. Miles then went searching for Herlews and Brastias engaged the woman in conversation…

Final Session

This was the final session of the campaign before its hiatus.

Nicholas Jagannath last session!
Nicholas played his final session with our group.
The Session of 2-16-2017

518 continued.

The Session of 1-26-2017

Finally we reach the end of 517. This was the first session with; Andrew.

The Session of 1-19-2017

Returning to Pendragon. 517. This was the first session with; Alexia, Marcus, Nich, and Cheyne. Due to conflicts in scheduling Jesse left his seat in the campaign for now.

Alexia Overstreet joined the group!
On this day in history, Alexia joined us for character creation!

She began playing Aelfwynn of Sherrington.


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